Kawasaki KDX 200-220

  Carb Modifications








This modification is a great enhancement to both power and ride-ability


This carb mod for the KDX 200 and 220's has proven it self for many years now. It will give a great deal more throttle control and response. This modification will allow you to tune your engine for whatever your riding needs are.


This modification has been an on going research and development project with many hours on the dyno and hundreds of hours of actual field testing. Many thanks to all of you that have taken the time to give me feed back in the development of this great carb mod. It helps in making this mod get better and better. Thank you for the support and help.


You will notice the power difference from the bottom end right through the top end. More low end torque, mid range and top end power.


The carb will come to you ready to go, right out of the box. I do my best to get the jetting very close to your riding needs. (Note! Some fine tuning may be necessary)


This carb mod works best with the air box lid removed, after market pipe and silencer, and some inexpensive Boyesen 607 reeds.


The 220's also respond much better with a Head Mod (milling and reconfiguring the squish)


Carburetor Modification for the 200 and 220 includes;


Boring carb to 36 mm (gives you a better top end)

Installing divider plate (gives that low end response, like a smaller carb)

Modify slide (do not forget to send your slide with your carb)

Install new needle (gives the carb that personality)

Change jets (if necessary)

Modify jet block (helps with the over all performance)

Modify low speed circuitry  This part of the modification along with the other mods really brings the air mixture screw into play. With only very small adjustments, you can keep your bike running at its peak as you change altitude or with weather changes during your ride.


Note! This is not a carb cleaning service. Please remove all hoses and vent tubes. Make sure the carb is clean and gas free ready to work on. I always return any of your stock jets, needle, etc.


Price is $167.00 US Funds and includes return shipping & Handling in the USA


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