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Crank Rebuilding
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Accessories for your new Carb Mod
These carb accessories are only sold with our carb modifications.

Our nifty thumb/finger Mixture Screw (made from solid brass) allows for quick and easy fine tuning without getting out the screw driver. You can keep your bike running at its peek as temps go up or down and with big elevation changes during your ride. (Sold with carb mod only}
KDX 200-220 Carbs
PWK 36/38 mm Std & AS-II Carbs
Mikuni TMXX 36/38 mm Carbs
Stainless Steel Float Bowl Allen Kit  Replace those soft float bowl screws that round out.
Comes with Allen wrench.
Mikuni TMXX 36/38 mm carbs
All PWK Carbs
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