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Head Mods: perk up your performance!
Our tried and trued head mods will perk up the performance of your engine without sacrificing reliability. Cleaner and crisper combustion gives you better snap, rev, and torque and a cooler running engine with better fuel mileage too!
Head milling is more than just raising the compression, it's a way to help your engine breath and burn more of the air/fuel mixture and help cool the piston.

The squish band is a very important part of head modifications and this is where we spend a lot of time. Just getting the proper squish band configuration without going overboard on compression will give you great results. "HORSE POWER" and "RELIABILITY"

RB Designs head modifications are set-up for premium pump gas,. and we can also set your head up to your own spec upon request.
Our head mods require you to have some good mechanical skills and basic understanding of engines. Most of our head mods require an existing squish-band clearance test so we can set your head up for optimum performance (click on the link for instructions).

Head requirements

When sending your head, make sure it is very clean and coolant free. Please remove the water spout on the top of the head (if it uses a removable one) and remove any alignment pins that may have stuck in the head. The head must be totally stock with no other mods, or blow-up damage, or detonation damage.

To the left are our most common head mods.
$ 75.00 = 2 Stroke Single head mod (squish-band and CC head)

$140.00 = 2 Stroke Twin head mods (squish-band and CC head)

$ 18.00 = Return Shipping and Handling Single Cylinder Heads 
(If head is shipped with carb mod the head shipping is $5.00)
Squish Band Clearance Test
Honda CR 250 Head Mods
KTM Head Mods
KDX 200-220 Head Mods
Husky Head Mods
Yamaha Twin Head Mods
Suzuki RM 250 Mods
Yam YZ 250 Head Mods
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