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Crank Rebuilding
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Precession Crankshaft Rebuilding
We specialize in all types of press together crankshafts, from high performance racing engines to street and dirt bikes, vintage bikes, atv's, and personal watercraft.
With 45 years of crankshaft rebuilding experience along with designing and building our own special tooling and fixtures necessary to do the job right. We have the knowledge and expertise to  properly rebuild your crankshaft with great care and precision along with   holding tolerances down to less than .001" run out.
All prices are for labor only and do not include any necessary repair work on counter weights, thread repair and rust removable. We suggest you supply the necessary rod kit and bearings and we always suggest OEM parts, but you can get aftermarket rod kits too.
$45.00 = 2 Stroke singles up to 250/300 cc (long shaft ATV and Utility cranks, add $5.00)
$50.00 = 2 Stroke singles 300 cc and up (long shaft ATV and Utility cranks, add $5.00)
$50.00 = 4 Stroke singles up to 200 cc (long shaft ATV and Utility cranks, add $5.00)
$60.00 = 4 Stroke singles 250 cc and up (long shaft ATV and Utility cranks, add $5.00)
$90.00 = 2 Stroke twins outside mains and rods/bearings only
$150.00 = 2 Stroke twins complete rebuild
Sorry, we do not ship crankshafts any larger than 220 singles do to weight and expense of shipping.  All larger crankshafts are walk in service only.
$30.00 = Shipping and Handling and Insurance for singles up to 220 cc
We do not ship cranks any larger than 220 cc singles all others are walk-in only. 
Please feel free to Contact Us for more information