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RB Designs LLC
Machine Shop Services ~ Motorcycle ~ ATV ~ PWC ~ Small Engine ~ Custom Parts Machining
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Crank Rebuilding
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Cylinder Boring
Precession Cylinder Boring
Cylinders are precession bored and finished honed to very tight tolerances.
(Note! All 2 Stroke cylinders ports are chamfered to assure long ring life)
Cylinder boring prices are per hole (actual displacement)
$50.00 = Bore 50 cc ~ 250 cc
$50.00 = Bore over 250 cc ~ 400 cc
$60.00 = Bore over 400 cc and up
$12.00 = Precision Hone cylinder only up to 250 cc
$12.00 = Precision hone cylinder only over 250 cc ~ 400 cc
$15.00 = Precision hone cylinder only 400 cc and up
Note! All cylinders bored more than 1 mm over size, add $5.00 per hole
Bore specifications; need to be furnished by customers with customer supplied pistons.
Cylinders need to be clean and have the base gasket removed, also remove any alignment pins.
Two stroke cylinders need to have any reeds removed along with any power valves.
Please feel free to contact us for more information
Walk-in service only
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